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Rouge is a video production company which was established under C K PREMIUM HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD based in Colombo, Sri Lanka to full fill the need of creative visual communication which can make a difference in people’s lives. Our crew is enriched with good talent and inspired with new innovative ideas. Whether it’s crafting a band promo, shooting and editing a live show, or creating an innovative documentary, Rouge is ready to collaborate with you.

Rouge Productions understands the needs of our client and the constraints of a tight budget. We also know how to get the most visual pop out of limited resources. What makes Rouge Productions different is our people who are ready to cater to your requirements and help you create the video that reflects your personality, and your sound. What Rouge offers, above all, is one stop shopping—the full range of creative services under one roof. We’ll work with you from pre-production (mapping out the concept) through production (shooting and recording) and on to post-production (editing and final finishing).

Our products

  • Music Video Productions
  • Commercials/Designs
  • Special Events Videography and photography
  • Documentaries
  • Video Editing
  • Video Finishing

Our Services

Our specialty is providing personalized services to all customers which includes design, production. All services include the following:

  • Once you contact us, we are ready to visit you in order to discuss your requirements
  • We offer sample videos from our collection